Join me for some gentle instruction in the beautiful practice of yoga.

Look and feel more like the goddess that you really are!

Some of the many benefits of regular yoga:

  • Glowing skin and improved circulation
  • Better gut health and elimination
  • Move with greater ease and grace
  • Build and tone your muscles
  • Stand and walk taller
  • Balances weight
  • Sleep deeply and wake up refreshed
  • Decreases pain
  • Elevates the mood increases well-being
  • Smooths out anxiety and depression
  • Trains concentration, memory and attention
  • Decreases glucose and sodium
  • All cholesterol measures improve

Not only that, yoga is an effective tool for personal development:

  • Self-actualization increases
  • Self-acceptance increases
  • Limitless possibilities for growth in self-awareness


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Brenda Rogers qualified as a yoga teacher with Swami Sarasvati and is a member of the Australian Yoga Masters Association.

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