Weight Release Coaching

Coaching for mind, body and spirit

You’re eating well; you know what to do; you’re virtually an expert coaching others in nutrition, your disease or weight loss.

But then the big, ugly monster called “self-sabotage” pays you an unwelcome visit.

The thought of going on yet another diet turns you cold. The hard work, the denial, the drudgery! Who needs it! Besides – does it really work? Really?

“Am I the failure or is it true that restrictive diets really don’t work?”

To be honest, I’d rather spend money getting my nails or hair done, spray tanning, cellulite treatment, my bikini line waxed! Anything rather than spending another cent on the latest celebrity diet program! At least I know it will make me feel good even if it is only temporarily.

Coaching participant

Diets can work! If it’s the right kind of diet and if you have the right mindset.

Coaching isn’t really about food or exercise, or diets and it’s definitely not bootcamp!

It isn’t psychotherapy either.

It’s a new way of thinking about what it means to be naturally slim. It’s based on philosophies of personal growth that were designed centuries ago but which have been honed over the past several decades.

During these sessions you will learn to:

  • Work with your way of being which reveals your deep-seated perceptions and attitudes and is the underlying driver of your behaviour and communication.
  • Make more empowering choices for yourself – Rather than analyzing your past or trying to change your thinking by constantly repeating affirmations, you get to choose your preferred way of being.
  • Elevate your self esteem and your level of self care
  • Free yourself from constant self-criticism
  • Make peace with food
  • Address the underlying causes of your dysfunctional eating
  • Bring pleasure in other forms into your life
  • Become aware of your emotional eating and find better solutions
  • And much more I can’t fit in here

What is coaching anyway?

The system I’ve developed is based on ontological methodology, an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting real change. It is highly effective because it is based on a new practical understanding of the power of language, moods and conversations for transforming our behaviour. [Reference]

They’re the same kinds of concepts that make habit-changing programs like Landmark Education and Executive Leadership Coaching companies work so well.

The system is based on:

  • Observation of the language used
  • Observation of the mood of the client
  • Observation of their way of being
  • Aiding the client’s awareness of language, mood and being by sharing observations

Over our time together we’ll go through each of these phases in conversational style; don’t worry, it’s gentle yet you’ll feel so inspired as your underlying motivations are revealed.


If an egg is broken by outside force, LIFE ends. If broken by inside force, LIFE begins. Great things always begin from inside.

Jim Kwik


After your coaching, you’ll start to have that wonderful feeling that you’ve got a handle on things. You’ll be getting to the core.

The coolest part? You can apply the same awareness building techniques to any other change you want to make in your life.

  • Want to get into a fitness routine?
  • Want a better relationship?
  • Want to drink less?
  • Want to earn more?
  • After your coaching sessions, you’ll know how to turn those aspirations into a reality.

Who needs coaching?

  • Anyone who wants a new relationship to their body and is ready to do what needs to be done to make that transformation
  • Want to end self-sabotage? Self-criticism?
  • Want to be released from the “dieting mentality”?
  • Freedom from the endless struggle with weight?
  • Feel confident, safe and in control?

You can go on yet another diet.

You could resign yourself to your fate.

But giving up is not really an option. Found beneath the struggle with your weight is the treasure of fun, freedom and being naturally slim. You just have to excavate to find it.


When I started coaching with Brenda, I was a mess. I didn’t realise just how complicated I was making everything! What I found as we worked through each session, was that each week we seemed to peel back a new layer of junk (limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours, etc that I was not aware of), and this allowed me to let them go. I am now more empowered to make kind decisions for myself (as I might have been bashing myself up just a little!) and am far more aware of what is going on inside this head of mine.

CS Age 30 Social Entrepreneur Sydney