Energetic Healing

Brenda offers energetic healing with essential oils

What is it?

Energetic healing understands that our bodies don’t end with our skin.  Beyond this is a measurable, scientifically documented energy field, that represents our mental, emotional and spiritual health, like our bodies represent our physical health.  Holistic healing works on all of these levels.

What’s it good for

Energetic healing is particularly useful for conditions that could be emotionally driven or that seem to come back despite our best efforts.  Perhaps you have something you feel was passed down from generations or it feels like it’s been a lifelong pattern that you haven’t been able to shift.

How does it work?

I use essential oils for their energetic quality to help realign the energy of the body.  Some of the techniques are hands on and others are not. In the session you lie on the massage table for up to 90 minutes.  You’re not required to do anything except relax and be as present as you can be.

How much does it cost?

For those on the premium 12-week program it is included as one of your sessions. For others please enquire at brenda@brendarogers.com.au