Emotions, brain chemistry and hormones

Candace Pert’s research (Molecules of Emotion) shows that an emotion happens simultaneously in the mind and the body.  Every action, movement, and function is influenced by our emotions through peptides (and other information molecules) which bring messages to and from specific body cells.

Emotions continually influence our endocrine, neurological, immune, neuromuscular, cardiac and digestive systems and different emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, etc), release different peptides and different messages throughout the body.

A happy example is feelings of bliss and bonding which are accompanied by the release of endorphins. Feelings of self-love release a peptide called VIP (Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide).

This information is revolutionary for nutritionists and naturopaths as these peptides and hormones can be balanced through good nutrition especially adequate protein and minerals.  Herbs also assist with their regulation. There is also the gut-brain axis to work with.  This area has undergone considerable research recently and it illuminates something that natural medicine practitioners have known for a very long time, and that is that health starts in the gut – even mental health.

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