And then there were 3!

Getting your life right takes a review of your priorities

So, just a review – If you really, really, really want your life to work then your #1 priority will be spending time in reflection and connecting to your higher self (Source).  #2 priority is your relationship to your spouse (if you have one, otherwise go back to priority #1) and today we’re talking about priority #3,4,5,6…!

Has your phone ever rung at dinner and you’ve wondered if you should answer it?  Have you ever been asked to choose between taking your children’s side or your partner’s in an argument?  How do you choose which priority is most important especially when things are urgent or emotional?

The answer isn’t always black and white! There needs to be grey areas where we can negotiate but if you are clear on your priorities and you have plenty of brownie points in the bank account of your partner or children then you can compromise, but not until then. 

Children come 3rdin the order of priorities.  A family must have a firm foundation with mum and dad backing and respecting each other. The adults take charge and are responsible for the care and protection of the children.  This is also true in blended families.

Work is 4th.  Charity, exercise, volunteering, friends, hobbies, etc all come after that. 

If you’ve struggled with anything in your life – money, addiction, relationships, career progression, weight, anything, then I can virtually guarantee that if you work with the priorities as outlined above, you will turn things around. 

Simple but not easy!

In love and light